'Easy as Pie' Pie Shielding Method

‘Easy as Pie’ Pie Shielding Method

Easy as Pie Shield

Pie shielding your crust from over browning can be hard once the oven and the pie is hot. It can be quite a struggle or maybe you’ve had to purchase one of those special hard to store shields in a cooking supply store. I’ve got an easy solution for you, and all you need is tin foil and a baking sheet!

Place 2 long sheets of tin foil centered and perpendicular to each other on top of a baking sheet pan, and then gently place the pie in the center. You will then wrap all four ends of the foil up and around the edges to form the shield. Pull the foil back with a pair of tongs or a wooden spoon about 15 to 20 minutes before your baking time completes. The crust will then brown perfectly and will be uniform and perfectly golden to match the rest of your pie.

You also get an extra bonus with this method by keeping the bottom of your oven safe from pie drippings. You will be able to just ball up the tinfoil once it cools and toss it away. Both the oven and your baking sheet will be as clean as ever!

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