Overnight Breakfast Casserole

Overnight Breakfast Casserole

I love to have company, especially during the holidays, and when I do, I want to spend as much time with them as humanly possible.  With that in mind, I would rather not spend my morning as a short order cook, so I tend to serve breakfast casseroles to all of my overnight guests.


I usually get the casserole ready the night before right before bedtime. However, finding enough space for a large baking dish in the refrigerator is not always an easy task.  I now store the mixture in a large Ziploc storage bag doubled for security. This method also keeps the baking dish at room temperature, and you don’t have to add to your baking time to accommodate heating up the cold casserole dish.


In the morning, while everyone is getting their juices and coffee, I simply pour the mixture into the greased baking dish and slide it into the oven.  I can then happily enjoy my morning coffee with my guests or family without any stress.


I also like to serve a nice plate of fresh fruit alongside the baked casserole, and I also make sure the maple syrup is warmed and handy.


I’ve also posted a recipe for Cheddar, Apple, Sausage & Pecan Stuffed Breakfast Strata (Casserole) for you to try this TIP with!


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