Testimonials taken from the back cover of my cookbook


“This is one of the best cookbooks I have ever bought, and I own at least 50!  The recipes are precise, the photos are gorgeous, and I love that the author has European measurements, since it will be a Christmas gift for my sister in England.  In fact, it will be a gift for all my foodie friends!”  Pam Ossorio, Prospect, CT



“I LOVE this cookbook.  Simple, easy recipes and very easy to read.  Everything your need is spelled out.  I will definitely tell my friends about it!!!”  Amazon Customer



“Dining at Peg’s house is a treat for the senses.  Peg prepares for her dinners like a 5-star general, planning every phase to perfections.  She give a lot of thought to the menu, taking into consideration her guests’’ likes and dislikes.  To say the food is always fantastic is an understatement.  Not only the small of the food that teases ones senses, but the beauty of the presentation of the food, which is also something to behold – pure artistry between the food and the table setting.”  Susan Greenhouse, NYC, NY



“Fond memories after a busy week of charter … We would come into harbor and there’s Peg waving from the deck of her boat, Cherish.  I would do down the dock following the tantalizing aromas coming from Peg’s galley.  There she would sit me down with a glass of wine while we worked on ‘catch up’.  Often then would follow a dinner invitation; always wonderful!  Peg would create a pretty table and serve us a beautifully presented and delicious dinner!  Fun, Love, Friendship!  All served on the deck of a boat under a starry Caribbean sky!”  Evelyn & Russell Rogers, Johannesburg, South Africa



“Simply Amazing!  As a professional Chef for more than 38 years, I must say that this is one of the best written culinary recipe books and soulful journeys I’ve had the pleasure of reading.  The recipes are elegant, well written with fantastic attention to detail and diverse!  Bravo on publishing this beautiful collection of experiences instead of just another boring and useless cook book!”  Amazon Customer