Dolling Out the Salt

Dolling Out the Salt

Dolling Out the Salt

Almost every savory recipe known to man has salt as an ingredient. Everyone has different tolerances of this vital seasoning. Some of us like a lot of salt and some do not. Some of us have been told by our doctors to cut it down or even out all together if we have certain health risks like high blood pressure or water retention issues; and some of us just have a heavy hand when we’re not specifically measuring.

Here’s a simple tip for adding just the right amount of salt according to your own taste and possible restrictions. First, you might want to use a “light” salt with less sodium per teaspoon. Then you can follow my simple tip.

I will take the amount of salt noted in a recipe and place it in a small dish and adding a pinch, taste, and gradually add another to taste. This method really is ideal when the recipe calls for salt, “to taste” or “as needed”. It’s also always a very good idea to taste as you go, and this will help you add just the right amount for perfect balance.

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