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The much talked about cookbook, THE PORTSIDE CUISINE COOKBOOK has finally arrived!

As I’ve told you a few times already (please excuse my enthusiasm!) I’ve finally realized my dream of publishing my own cookbook. I’m extremely excited to share The Portside Cuisine Cookbook with you. It contains an unprecedented 163 recipes gathered inside under 13 chapters, ranging from Appetizers & Starters, to Panini, to Seafood, to Soups and Stews. There is something that will please everyone’s palate.

The Portside Cuisine Cookbook

The Portside Cuisine Cookbook is now available in both print and Kindle versions.

The Portside Cuisine Cookbook

Chapter/Category Pages

The Portside Cuisine Cookbook

The Portside Cuisine Cookbook

For those of you who aren’t already enjoying the cookbook, here’s a sneak peak at some of the recipe titles and their fabulous photos that you’ll find inside:

Crispy Butternut Wontons with a Spicy Tomato Relish in APPETIZERS
or maybe Eggs Benedict(less!) in BREAKFASTS for a delicious, but with far less calories!
How about…
Cruzan Rum Cake, served with fresh strawberries for a decadent DESSERT,
but don’t overlook
Veal and Sausage Rollups in the MEATS chapter, or
Pomodoro Secchi, in under PASTA there’s also
Mexican Butter-Stuffed Chicken for a Latin flair in POULTRY
and you certainly shouldn’t miss
Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Avocado and Tomatillo Salsa in the SEAFOOD chapter, or
Curry and Ginger Chicken Salad under SMALL PLATES, and
Wild Rice and Cranberry Salad in SIDES

These are just a few recipes you’ll find in The Portside Cuisine Cookbook. Whatever recipes you decide on making, I’m confident you will enjoy them as well as my short stories attached to each recipe.

Please share the cookbook with your friends and family. You’ll find tidbits of my unusual life’s experiences; some poignant and some extremely funny, and the recipes are concise, easy to follow, and well thought out. The photography is spectacular and will make your mouth water.

The Portside Cuisine Cookbook

Please enjoy, and I truly appreciate your tremendous support.

If you haven’t already, you can easily order the cookbook by clicking on the image below.

The Portside Cuisine Cookbook Amazon Kindle Store

If you prefer the Kindle version, please click on this link.

Thanks again for your indulgence. I promise there are a lot of great articles to come this year, including recipes, tips, stories, etc. So please stay tuned.

The Portside Cuisine Cookbook

The Portside Cuisine Cookbook

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