Magnificent Mashed Potatoes

Magnificent Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving is a time to share with family and friends, and I really want to share with you and to Give Thanks for being such great supporters of my cookbook and my website.   I really hope you are enjoying the diverse recipes and stories in The Portside Cuisine Cookbook, and are recommending my cookbook and blog to all of your peeps interested in boating and cooking.  Again, I thank you for all of your interest & support!

red-potato-mashEveryone always raves about my mashed potatoes … the secret is in the boiling pot! I boil my potatoes in equal parts of low-fat half-and-half cream and low sodium chicken broth. I keep the combined liquids about an inch below the top of the potatoes. I left the potatoes whole for the photo so that you could see what I am getting at, but I actually cube the potatoes for cooking consistency. (The cut potatoes just blended in with the cream and it wouldn’t give you a great photo!)


Wmagnificent-mashed-potatoeshen the potatoes are fully cooked, mash them right in the pot with the cooking liquids. Add your butter and any other planned ingredients and seasonings. (i.e. grated cheese, herbs, roasted garlic, etc.). If I use new red potatoes, I like to scrub the potatoes before boiling and l leave the potato skins on for additional fiber…. After all, we could all use a little added fiber in our lives!

Keeping the mashed potatoes in the pot with the cover on will also help keep them warm until ready to serve.


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