Avocado Wedges Wrapped in Serrano Ham

Avocado Wedges Wrapped in Serrano Ham

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of the traditional Italian appetizer of cantaloupe wedges wrapped in prosciutto ham and how magnificent they are. They are a great marriage of sweet and salty and are always enjoyable.

However, I have a new twist on this classical standard that we all love. If you like avocados, you might just put the old standard on the back burner for a while after my Avocado Wedges Wrapped in Serrano Ham!

When I lived in St. Thomas, my friends Jerry and Lisa had an avocado tree in their yard. When that tree blossomed with fruit, we were hard put to use them before they over-ripened. We ate tons of guacamole, tomato and avocado salads, and even avocado and veggie egg rolls. Then I saw an intriguing magazine recipe of a Latin-inspired salad with Serrano ham and avocado as its main ingredients. One day I had several avocados and some Serrano ham, but no lettuce and tomato handy. I had been thinking of the cantaloupe, but I didn’t have that on hand either. The idea was born out of a lack of salad ingredients, actually! The recipe eventually evolved into the recipe that’s now posted here on my website.

Over the years I’ve seen similar versions of this recipe in several magazines… This is my version. I’ve tried them, but I always come back to mine. The creaminess of the avocado marries beautifully with the saltiness of the ham, and the drizzle of olive oil and fresh lemon juice and cilantro takes it over the top. If you’re not a lover of cilantro, try using fresh basil or Italian parsley as a substitute.

These wedges make a gorgeous and elegant presentation, while being simple to make and they are surprisingly low on calories. Also, the bonus of no cooking time is a huge plus!

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