Breakfast Waffle Panini

Breakfast Waffle Panini

Fun fact:  Did you know that the term for one panini is panino?  Panino is the term for several paninos… who knew!

Breakfast aboard a private yacht was usually a rushed sort of time if we were getting underway early that morning, but I always tried to make breakfast interesting and fun.  I found that if everyone was happy and satiated, it made for a great beginning to the day.  This breakfast panino was relatively easy to cook to order once the sandwiches were assembled.  I’d make them up and pan fry them to order.  A breakfast panino always worked well for a sweet breakfast, they come together quickly, and the kids aboard always loved them.   I always tried to keep breakfast interesting by making standard breakfast items into something fun and creative.

Being the First Mate as well as the Chef didn’t always give me a lot of time, and I was always trying to find recipes and combinations of ingredients that worked.  This panino gave my guests a yummy sweet alternative to the usual savory breakfast or the standard pancake variations.

For this demonstration, I used frozen blueberry waffles and a wild blueberry jam.  There are so many different versions of this sandwich possible – it’s easy to be inventive!

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