Flavorful Ice-Cubes Performing Double-Duty

Flavorful Ice-Cubes Performing Double-Duty

It’s summer again, and we all have to keep hydrated!  We all should be drinking an abundance of fluids, and on a hot summer day, who doesn’t like a refreshing cold drink.  If you’re like me, you also do not love that the ice cubes dilute your tasty beverage!

I’m sure you’ve noticed how your summer beverage and/or the pitcher or punch bowl of punch or Sangria always gets watered down as the ice cubes melt.  Here’s a great way to use the fruit and not have to add ice cubes.


Take a large baking sheet and line it with plastic wrap or parchment paper.  Slice the desired fruit, like lemons, limes, orange, peaches, pears, and kiwi into slices and place the baking sheet in the freezer until the fruit freezes.  You can even do this with assorted berries.


Make your punch, lemonade or Sangria, and chill.  Add the frozen fruit just before you’re ready to serve.   The fruit will melt and flavor your refreshment without watering it down and it will look colorful at the same time.  Save a little of the fruit to add a little later into your celebration to continually cool it down.

 I even do this with iced tea or iced coffee.  Make ice cubes out of those liquids and add them to your beverage in place of ice cubes … no more watered down beverages!


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