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Cleaning Mushrooms Cooking Tips

Mushrooms… To Rinse or Not to Rinse

Remember that old rule not to rinse the dirt off your mushrooms because they will absorb the water and be mushy? Well, the powers that be have figured out that’s not really true. The only real rule of thumb about rinsing them is if the mushrooms are really dirty, rinse and dry them thoroughly right […]

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Using Measuring Spoons Cooking Tips

Using Measuring Spoons

Have you ever found yourself frustrated because your round measuring spoons just won’t fit into those narrow spice jars and you always end up wasting a lot of the expensive spice when you’re forced to pour it out into the measuring spoon? I have 2 sets of measuring spoons … one of them is the […]

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Welcome to Portside Cuisine, a Yacht Chef's Blog!

Welcome to Portside Cuisine, a Yacht Chef’s Blog!

Hi everyone. I want to welcome you to my little space on the World Wide Web, where I am excited to share some of my favorite recipes and stories of close friends, quiet nights at anchor enjoying great food, surviving several very scary hurricanes, several Thanksgivings at sea, an earthquake at anchor, flying fish, moon […]

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