Dividing Cake Batter Evenly

Dividing Cake Batter Evenly

Nothing can ruin the look of a layer cake more than uneven layers … the layers look lopsided, and they don’t bake evenly.  It can be frustrating getting a cake batter evenly divided between your 2 pans, so here’s a fabulous quick tip!

Try mixing your cake batter and then divide the batter as evenly as possible using measuring cups, alternating between pans; then weigh each filled pan on a kitchen scale and carefully adjust as needed and place each pan on the scale one more time to be sure they weigh the same.

You’ll be happy with the results.  The cakes will be uniform in size and weight, and they will have cooked evenly!

And while we’re talking about cakes, I’m also including another TIP entitled …

Smart Batter Whisking

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